Why My Self Development Coach?

Don't settle for the better strive for the best

Bushra Shahid

I  designed my products and services for individuals looking for their life's purpose. With techniques derived from infamous psychologists, neuroscientists and researchers, Bushra provides her clients with an all in one package.

I was once a business consultant working a 9-5 job. I thought I was living my best life until I realized that this is not what I truly desire. My talent and passion are to assist people not businesses.  I learned this soon enough and now I am creating a legacy through teaching young career individuals how they can also change their life. Be more motivated by living through what they want. It's not as easy, a lot of people can't do it on their own. This is where I come in.

I am not a life coach or a counselor, I am a person who has several years of experience who can help you find your life's purpose. Let me help you make your dream into reality. 

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