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  • Manifest Now 

    Do you ever feel like life is not going your way? You don't have power or control over your own life? You feel that you have been defeated. Or do you have a dream but you don't know if you can do it? Then this is for you!

    Manifest Now is one of my most popular service offerings. Manifest Now provides techniques to implement in one's daily life to create their dreams into reality. This two-hour session includes but not limited to the following: 

    • Mastering Law of Attraction

    • Removing all blockages to achieve your goals

    • Creating a positive mindset 

    • Mastering the art of meditation 

    • Syncrodestiny 

    • Quantum Physics (will go in more scientific details and techniques that show proven results!)

    Create your dramatic change in just 2 hours!

    2 Hours  / $400 

  • Master Your Emotions

    Many of us have heard the phrase  "Control your emotion". We often hear this from the older generation. We need to have a stiff upper lip or have thick skin. That's hard to master. How do you put a protective shield around you? If you're in this predicament, this 1.5-hour session will prove beneficial for you. In this session, I will discuss the following with you.

    • Mind shifting

    • Art of meditation

    • Affirmations and thought guiding

    • Two week follow up

    1.5 Hours  / $250 

  • Shift your Paradigm

    In this session, I talk a lot about the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind plays a vital role in your everyday life. A paradigm is a program that you create or is created by others. Its more than just a habit it's a way of living. If you can shift your mental program, you can change your way of living.

    In this service, I provide the following:

    • Creating affirmations custom to you

    • Implementing new tasks personalized to you to shift your current program

    • 2 week follow up

    • Worksheets are included in this session

    1.5 Hours  / $150 

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