5 Affirmations to Use Daily

Affirmations. Affirmations are what you need to start using in your daily life if you are not using them already. Simply apply these 5 affirmations by saying them before you start your day, journal them or listen to them on a voice recording. Remember YOU have the power.

1. I believe in my dreams

We all have dreams, and if you are serious about your dream manifestation, you should believe in them. You are the creator of your dreams. You come up with these ideas and if you don't believe in them who will?

2. I am value

You are value. You are the gift and you deserve the importance of being in one's presence.

3. The best is yet to come

You have yet to get to where you want to go. Your destination is waiting for your arrival. If you dream of getting your dream car, your car is waiting for you. You have not achieved your greatest potential

4. Today is going to be a great day

Today is going to a great day. You are in charge. You chose let a bad experience get to you. Do NOT ever give permission to anyone

5. I will be present in every moment

Too often, we live in the future or in the past. We need to learn to live in the now. Ask yourself what can I do now? How can I be better now?

My Self Development Coach

My clients are always surprised by the suppressed power they have within. I assist my clients by assisting them in unleashing that power within and define themselves by the potential they have. We are often too constrained by our limiting beliefs, but remember you make those limits. I help you remove those boundaries so that you can free yourself of your limiting mind. You can become anyone you want to become. You have the power.

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