Law of Attraction

What is Law of Attraction and how can you use it.

I often hear this from my peers. If you think about something hard enough, it will come find in some way. Some people call it to think it to the existence, speak it into existence, there is a lot of different ways one thinks about attracting good things from the universe. They are not wrong for thinking so. I too believe that the law of attraction is real, and anyone can attract their wishes through this quantum physics theory.

"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it"

-Maya Angelou

The law of attraction states that we use our minds to attract our positive or negative thoughts in our life (important to always have important thoughts and only draw in positivity). This phenomenon uses your mind to translate your thoughts into reality. Think of your mind as a magnet and attracting anything with intention. The thoughts, feelings, and energies you put out there bounce back as events in your life.

It's a three-step process, think, believe and take action, and receive. First, clear your mind of everything, then think of what you want. Don't think about what you don't want. Once you feel that you are in a good place, you now need to believe. Believe that the Creator or whatever you believe in will give you what you asked for. Start manifesting these thoughts and wishes by taking action. Start doing the first step, move on to the second, don't worry about how it will happen just take the steps needed. The final step is to receive. Know that good things are coming to you and you must be willing to receive. If you asked for a job, you may meet people with the same job position. Think of this as the Creator or universe or whatever you believe in is aligning your thoughts and creating a reality of it.

At Bushra Shahid Coaching, all my clients are first taught how to attract positivity. You may live in a negative environment, live with people who are toxic, hate the everyday work, but I can help you become the diamond. I give my clients action plans that are not in your typical self-development books, these are my techniques and I have proven success. Remember YOU chose, not the people around you, the events around you, the things around you. Its all YOU.

Bushra Shahid Coaching

My clients are always surprised by the suppressed power they have within. I assist my clients by unleashing that power within and define themselves by the potential they have. We are often too constrained by our limiting beliefs but remember you make those limits. I helo you remove those boundaries so that you can free yourself of your limiting mind. You can become anyone you want to become. You have the power.

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