Develop Your Personal Vision

Why is it important to create a personal vision? What is a personal vision? Read on to learn why people that have a vision are more successful.

What is a personal vision?

You may have heard of a vision board or a vision statement on a company's website. A vision is your long term goal. Its what you want to achieve. Your personal vision is customized to you and you should be setting it for yourself. Often times people find themselves tangled in what others have set for them. Remember, a personal vision is a statement you set for yourself.

Why setting a personal vision is important?

Have you ever traveled without using a map? A personal vision functions in the same way. A personal vision statement is your map to getting to your destination. People who have a personal vision statement are aligned with their goals this leading them on the road to success.

Every single corporation has a vision statement. Why? They make it easier to guide and inspire employees by creating a roadmap of where the direction of the company is heading.

Examples of personal vision

Remember these are just examples and your personal vision should fit your goals.

To have fun in my career path and lead a movement of impact.

To inspire the youth that they can create and live in a perfect world.

5 years from now I will be one of the best lawyers in NY city.

So you should get an idea of what a personal vision statement is. I suggest keeping your personal vision statement short and to the point.

Bottom line is you create your life's vision, start by creating a vision statement so you know where you headed.

Bushra Shahid Coaching

My clients are always surprised by the suppressed power they have within. I assist my clients by unleashing that power within and define themselves by the potential they have. We are often too constrained by our limiting beliefs but remember you make those limits. I helo you remove those boundaries so that you can free yourself of your limiting mind. You can become anyone you want to become. You have the power.

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