How to Achieve Life Balance

What does balance mean to you? Does it mean to attain an equal ratio of home and work balance, or does it mean something else such as giving more time to yourself? Each person defines balance in their life differently. Having a life balance is an important part of our daily improvements, and we should always remember the importance of improving your life balance. Your current balance state should be something you can improve on, regardless of how great it seems to be. Are you currently giving yourself less time than you would like, or are you spending more time with your work than a family than you would like?

Next, I want you to think about what you did this week. I don't mean to list every single task you completed, but I want you to write to create a physical picture of what days you were able to give more time to whatever life category you have.


Meditation has been used to achieve life balance for several years. Many of us have a different form of meditation, and this could be sitting quietly for 10 minutes, or it could be washing the dishes. Meditation is what you define it to be, but in this case, I want you to find any place that you are most comfortable in. I recommend doing this practice with no one around, preferably at the start of the week and in the morning, but anytime that works for you is what is best for this practice.

Try sitting on the ground if you can or put a pillow or yoga mat.

Find a room or your sacred space. Limit distractions by turning notifications off. Next, I want you to play some meditation music or light a candle. I really want you to have the place to yourself.

Release all negative thoughts first if there is something bothering you, someone that you haven't forgiven, relationships that ended anything badly at work that's bugging you. I want you to release all that tension and stress that's holding you back. This part is the hard part, so to lighten this load, I want you to focus on your breathing. Take long, deep breaths and hold each breath for three seconds. This process should take anywhere five minutes to an hour. It really depends on where you are in your life. If emotions come out, let them. You may need to heal to move further. You can take as long as you need as well.

The final step is to release all your thoughts. I want you to gather all your thoughts and leave them behind. Achieve a point in your mind where you are thinking about nothing. I want you to do this for the next 20 minutes or so, and be sure to still focus on your breathing. You can lay down if needed.

Whenever you are ready to move to your right side and slowly sit in an upright position and open your eyes. This should take 5 minutes. Take your time when doing this process; you own it.

If needed, I want you to take some time to reflect on what just happened.

This is a practice I recommend doing once a week or more often as needed to achieve life balance. I hope this helped you all and wishing you all well in your journeys!

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