20 Tips to Increase Self Love

How can you learn to love you? We often hear others say you gotta love yourself before you can love others or expect love from others. I have compiled a list of 20 ways where you can increase your self-love. Remember put you first.

20 ways to increase your self-love

  1. Use Affirmations

  2. Eat Healthy Foods

  3. Go out by yourself. Eat out by yourself

  4. Meditate

  5. Set Boundaries

  6. List your achievements in your life

  7. Write a kind letter to yourself

  8. Create a personal collage

  9. Find a hobby

  10. Journal! Keep a gratitude journal

  11. End all toxic relationships

  12. Don't participate in negative conversations

  13. Forgive yourself

  14. Learn to say no

  15. Create a painting, drawing, or any artwork and put it in your room

  16. Surround yourself with encouraging people

  17. Be mindful of your thoughts. Anytime a negative thought surfaces, reclaim your mind with a positive one.

  18. Start the day with gratitude and giving yourself a compliment/ say something positive to yourself

  19. Celebrate all your wins even if its a small one

  20. Reward yourself for any achievements.

My first step to transformation is self-love. Anytime you want to manifest, make a shift, or create new possibilities, you must first learn to love yourself.

Bushra Shahid Coaching

My clients are always surprised by the suppressed power they have within. I assist my clients by unleashing that power within and define themselves by the potential they have. We are often too constrained by our limiting beliefs but remember you make those limits. I helo you remove those boundaries so that you can free yourself of your limiting mind. You can become anyone you want to become. You have the power.

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