Why Successful People Have More Willpower

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Willpower is a term that is very fluid, some think its self-control, restraining one's desires, resilience, or becoming who you want to be through controlled behavior.

My definition of willpower is a cognitive ability do what's needed when you don't want to. It's not something physical, it is all mental. If you strengthen your mind that you can do something, you can achieve far more goals.

Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.

-Dan Millman

We already have willpower; some have more and safe believe they have less. Some of us apply it in how healthy we eat, saving money, making moral decisions and even achieving certain goals. Willpower is something you can strengthen if you feel you lack it. It's an infinite resource.

Willpower Drainers

There are a few willpower killers such as self-criticism, stress, and distraction that can be avoided.

Self Criticism

This can be a drainer in so many aspects of your life. I was the biggest self criticizer and my friends used to say "Why are you always coming for yourself?". I had to stop and reflect on what one of my closest friends just said. Was I being too hard on myself? I was. I had to regather my approach to tasks that made me an overachiever. Eventually, I started to become more aware of the words I used and turned it around.


Who doesn't have this in their life? Yet so many of us learned to control it. When we let things get to us that's when things start to go upside down. We don't get the clarity and focus we need, hence we lose motivation to do certain activities to get to our goal.


While distractions are in our everyday life, we must find the strength within us to overpower them.

Strengthen Your Willpower

If you want to strengthen your willpower try the following.

Prayer and Meditation

Through meditation and prayer, your self-awareness increases. You have the ability to discover your life's purpose. Through this, you are able to align your goals and vision.

Increase your Physical Activity

How many more scientific studies do we need to start getting more exercise? We know how its good for us and how we can get in more steps in a day, yet we chose not to implement it. This may also come back to willpower. Tell yourself that this would get you to the end goal, and start using a reward system.

Improve Your Eating Habits

When you start to eat right, you get the energy you need to make proper decisions. When we eat foods that are not healthy or not the most vitamin-rich we tend to be more fatigued hence making decisions that are the most convenient and not getting high ranked results.

Its Me Time

Take some time off. Every single one of us has a way to relieve stress, yet we don't use it when we need it the most. I recommend using your me-time more often this would also increase your self-awareness.

I hope you all learned something from this article. By implementing these changes into your life you will start to notices positive changes and a different approach. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

My Self Development Coach

My clients are always surprised by the suppressed power they have within. I assist my clients by assisting them in unleashing that power within and define themselves by the potential they have. We are often too constrained by our limiting beliefs but remember you make those limits. I help you remove those boundaries so that you can free yourself of your limiting mind. You can become anyone you want to become. You have the power.

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